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SBS 2008 / SharePoint Integration – Connect to Outlook Button is Missing

Windows Small Business Server 2008 comes with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS 3.0) automatically configured as the companyweb SharePoint site.  One thing that we found missing on our out-of-the-box implementation, and we'd have to assume that this is the default scenario, is that the Connect to Outlook button is missing to provide SharePoint / Outlook integration.

We were able to get this working by following this simple procedure:

  • Go to SharePoint Central Administration
  • To to Application Management
  • Go to Authentication Providers
  • Click on the Default Zone (the word "Default" is the hyperlink)
  • Click the Radio Button to Enable Client Integration.

I didn't notice that the Default zone was a hyperlink at first, so even though I was on the right track, I didn't see the solution right away.  Hopefully, this will save some people some time.

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  1. absolutely did save me some time! many thanks!

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