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Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide March 2021

This licensing guide was updated to reflect licensing updates and new online service offerings as of March 2021.
Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide March 2021

Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide Feb. 2021

Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide Feb 2021

This licensing guide was updated to reflect licensing updates and new online service offerings as of February 2021.

Power Apps and Power Automate Licensing Guide – December, 2020

Use this guide to improve your understanding of how to license Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents.

Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents Licensing Guide – Dec 2020

The Power of Native Integration for Marketers

There is a significant difference between a marketing solution that is merely integrated with and one that is natively built within Microsoft Dynamics. These differences in architecture make for vast differences in results, which can have a tremendous impact on entire organizations – but particularly for marketing departments, as they have a direct role in using the solution.

Download ClickDimensions two-page flyer on the power of an integrated email marketing solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Marketers today rely heavily on data and technology to reach their audiences, achieve their goals and meet executive expectations. As pressures to prove ROI on marketing efforts mount and as marketers are increasingly held to revenue contribution expectations, marketing technology that natively integrates with Microsoft Dynamics will become a necessity that delivers significant benefits.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Blogs

Blog Posts for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Decision Makers

Blog Posts for Microsoft Dynamics 365 IT Professionals

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide – April 2020

This Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide applies for users with Dynamics 365 licenses. To facilitate understanding of licensing requirements this guide is structured as follows:

1) Brief description of the product
2) Use rights/dual use rights
3) Channel Licensing (how to buy)
4) Add-ons
5) Licensing (how to license)
6) Notes: Changes
7) Minimum requirements
8) Scenarios

For help determining the right technology solution for any given organization, including the license requirements for a specific product or scenario, please give SyncraTec Solutions a call for a free licensing consultation.

Unified Interface

Unified Interface Transition

Microsoft whitepaper on the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface Transition, from July, 2019 (55 pages).

Summary: This business-oriented white paper outlines the planning, governance, and management principles to consider when approaching a User Experience change within a model-driven application on the PowerApps platform. This white paper focuses specifically on Dynamics 365 applications adopting the Unified Interface, but many topics are applicable to any user experience update.

Microsoft is shifting away from the traditional (legacy) CRM user interface, to the new “Unified Interface.” The legacy user interface will be deprecated in 2020. The evolution of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications brings substantial architectural and functional changes to enable digital transformation. The front end for this new user experience, the Unified Interface, is built on responsive web design principles, which provide optimal viewing and interaction for any screen size, device, or browser orientation. With a move to make Unified Interface the default experience for end users of Dynamics 365 apps, many customers are taking the opportunity to review their current implementations and optimize workflows to reflect changes in the business.

On September 10, 2019, Microsoft announced that the legacy web client will be deprecated. Customers must have transitioned to Unified Interface before October 1, 2020. This will affect Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Field Service, Dynamics 365 Project Service, and Dynamics 365 Marketing customers. Microsoft will continue to provide support, security, and other critical updates to the Dynamics 365 legacy web client until October 1, 2020 but will not release any additional functionality beyond what has already been announced.


Hard and Soft Bounce Codes

This article describes ClickDimensions Hard and Soft Bounces.

ClickDimensions - Hard and Soft Bounce Codes

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