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Zap Objects Document Automation

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The ZAP Objects Helpdesk app (a.k.a. Email-To-Case) is a third-party app that can be integrated with your Dynamics 365 system. Using ZAP Objects Helpdesk for Case Management allows for automatic creation of Cases along with many other features that helps to make Case Management for your organization very efficient.

SyncraTec has implemented ZAP Objects Helpdesk for most of our clients that use the Dynamics 365 Customer Service to manage their Cases. ZAP’s Helpdesk is configured with a Mailbox that is associated to a support Queue. The configuration is done on the Support Queue. Note: Exchange Server Side Synchronization needs to be setup for the organization to be able to use this product. Multiple Support Queues can be configured for the same organization.

There are many features that come along with the product. You can send Internal and External notifications when a Case is created or updated through Helpdesk. Fields from the support email are parsed and inserted into the new case in Dynamics 365. There are default fields that are input to the Case.  The Case Title is set to the Subject of the Email. The Email body is inserted into the Description field of the Case. The Customer on the Case is gleaned from the “From” email address and can be configured to match that email to a Contact in CRM.

There is a Quick Reply tab right on the Case form that allows the customer service rep to compose emails faster by using the built-in email templates and associate emails to the appropriate email template. This feature also allows for canned responses.

Our organization has found that ZAP’s support is unparalleled. They are extremely responsive and willing to listen to any additional requirements and then incorporate them in their product.

Zap Objects Helpdesk Product Features (used by our clients)

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