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WordPress Website Hosting

Blazing Fast Bitnami WordPress Website Hosting in Azure

According to Google’s latest research, people will leave a mobile website page if it takes longer than three seconds to load. And you don’t need the latest tools and tests to know if your site is that slow. Some sites are just very slow and no amount of optimizing render-blocking JavaScript or CSS is going to help. To tackle that problem, SyncraTec provides Bitnami WordPress Website Hosting.

If you’ve tried various PageSpeed Rules and recommendations with no luck, it could just be that you have a very slow web server.  Call your web hosting service provider and ask what kind of resources they have serving up your site.

If you really need to get that WordPress website clocking, you may want to consider hosting your site in Azure with Bitnami WordPress. It will run really fast on a dedicated Linux virtual machine with solid state drives. The solid state drives are key to very fast web page loading times.

SyncraTec can migrate your existing WordPress website to this much faster hosting environment. Our pricing is very competitive, and you can stop worrying about how slow your site is and start working on more productive marketing activities. You’ll even find that updating your website or blog is more of a pleasure because its just so much faster.

One last thing is that SSL encryption is the new standard for websites and Bitnami WordPress website hosting in Azure includes free SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt.