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Dynamics 365 for Sales

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales has been one of the core modules for CRM since the product was introduced.  We’ve been working with the module since CRM 2.1 in 2004.  Many iterations later, Sales is still in the middle of the Customer Relationship Management realm. The customer record in CRM is like the center of a hub-and-spoke wheel. We often refer to the customer record as an account, a company, a client, or a prospect. Many records can be related to the customer account record such as sales opportunities, customer service cases, the contacts. And activities such as phone calls, tasks, appointments, and emails make it easy to see the history on an account at a glance.

Dynamics 365 for Sales | Business Applications Spring 2018 Release

Machine Learning

In the newest incarnation of CRM, or Customer Engagement, Dynamics 365 for Sales is bringing out Machine Learning functionality.  Termed “Customer Insights” this new technology will help sales users gain insights to their customer interactions and relationships to drive more sales.

Insights by InsideView

insights-by-insideviewIncluded with the online version, known as Dynamics 365 Enterprise edition, the sales module includes “Insights by InsideView.”  InsideView arms you with a wealth of information about your prospects, so you can engage in a timely, relevant, and valuable way. Qualify prospects with complete firmographic and demographic details. Receive alerts about important news events. Review and respond to social feeds. See how you’re connected to your prospects. And update your account and contact data in a single click.
Insights embeds continuously refreshed company and contact data, real-time news and social insights, and your aggregated connections network inside Dynamics 365 and CRM Online. See how you can keep your prospects lists fresh for any industry, company size, or geographic are with Insights by InsideView List Build.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Integration with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator is also a huge advantage for the sales pro looking to pull information about prospective customers from the popular business networking site.  The sales users will then be able to enhance the customer’s data in CRM and create new sales opportunities.

Guided Business Process Flows

Guided Business Process Flows are another way Dynamics 365 Sales will keep your sales team working consistently. Wizard-like processes can drive users along a route developed by your sales leaders to provide the structure of  your organizations best sales practices. Users are prompted for questions to ask, information to be gathered, and commitments to be gained along the course of the sales process. A gate-keeper function can ensure that opportunities are not allowed to progress from one stage to the next unless and until critical prerequisite information is populated.

Going Mobile

Users of Microsoft Dynamics will also be able to work with the application on a variety of devices; the new “Unified Interface” (Sales Hub) works great with tablets; enabling much better sales productivity working in a mobile environment. And the CRM system integrates with Outlook so that contacts can be synchronized from CRM to Outlook, across all users in the system, so that the customer data can be enhanced by users that are working with the prospective or current customers, to the benefit of all.

Of Dashboards and Funnel Charts

Sales Managers will want to see how much ROI they’re getting from the CRM system, and you’ll be able to wow them with Power BI data analytics, custom reports, and meaningful dashboards. SyncraTec offers complementary data analytics development services, including Power BI.

Learn More

To learn more about Dynamics 365 for Sales, refer to the overview in customer engagement user guide.

Also, we’ve recorded a demo of the system, focusing on several key features and functionality that demonstrate how Dynamics 365 for Sales can help sales organizations be more productive.

If you’re interested in further discussing how the system may improve sales operations at your company, please call the SyncraTec office: 215-310-1750 or email:

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