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Dynamics 365 Upgrade

Your Microsoft 365 system is central and critical to your business operations. It’s the hub of your customer information, and helps you track sales, identify opportunities, and provide for customer service excellence. As with any business process, there’s always room for improvement. Microsoft has built years of continuous improvements into the current release of Dynamics 365 version 9.0.  There’s a regular release cycle that gives us new features and functionality every six months or so.

Businesses with stable CRM environments may or may not be excited about news of the most recent release because it may mean analyzing the existing environment to ensure the new version will not break existing processes. That’s where SyncraTec can help. We have experience with a multitude of upgrade scenarios from the routine to the complex, both online and on-premises.

One question that comes up from time-to-time is with long-time Microsoft Dynamics CRM users looking to upgrade from an on-premises deployment to move to the cloud-based version of Dynamics 365 online. Wanting to move to the cloud, but not knowing how to move all your data can be a daunting challenge. Others simply want to keep up with the technology and gain access to the latest capabilities offered by the system.

Either way, simple or complex, online or on-premises, SyncraTec can help you gain a clear understanding of what it will take to get your system upgraded.