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Vade for M365

Native, API-Based Predictive Email Defense for Microsoft 365

Vade for M365 is an AI-based threat detection and response solution that blocks sophisticated phishing, ransomware / malware, and spear phishing (business email compromise) attacks. Designed for SMBs of all sizes, it is integrated with Microsoft 365 via API, making it invisible to both end users and hackers.

Multi-faceted Anti-Phishing

Performs a real-time, multi-layered behavioral analysis of the email and URL, following any redirections to determine whether the final page is fraudulent. Machine learning models analyze 47 features of the email and URL for malicious behaviors, while computer vision algorithms scan for modified logos, QR codes, and other images commonly used in phishing attacks.

Banner-Based Anti-Spear Phishing

Natural Language Processing algorithms interpret suspicious text, while anomaly detection builds an anonymous profile that establishes normal communication patterns for your employees. Detected anomalies, such as impersonation attempts or financial requests, trigger a customizable warning banner alerting the user.

Behavioral-Based Anti-Malware

Performs a comprehensive analysis of the origin, content, and context of emails and attachments. Going beyond scanning attachments, the solution detects malware well before anti-virus and sandboxing technologies, with no latency to users.

Insider Threat Protection

Scans internal email traffic to prevent insider attacks using compromised accounts, thanks to native integration with Microsoft 365.

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