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Zap Objects Report Scheduler

Zap Objects Document Automation
Document Automation

Zap Objects Document Automation (a.k.a. Report Scheduler)

It’s great that Microsoft Dynamics added the out of the box capability to generate a PDF from a Dynamics Word Document Template. However, there are a few caveats around this functionality. PDF generation is limited to the following sales entities: Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Quotes, Orders, and Invoices. The 2020 Release Wave 2 will add custom entities to that list. In addition, the out of the box PDF generation allows users to create PDF files directly from Dynamics 365 records. There is no way to easily generate PDFs in a workflow against multiple records.

One of our clients has the requirement to send PDFs to customers from the Case entity record. Due to their need to process in bulk, a workflow is necessary to generate the PDFs and automatically email the PDF attachments.  The out of the box Dynamics 365 PDF generation does not support this business scenario.

We came across Zap Objects Report Scheduler as a potential solution and downloaded a trial version. Having implemented the Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case product for another client, we knew we could depend on Zap Objects for excellent support.

We found that Zap Objects Report Scheduler was easy to configure and provided all of the functionality that our client needed to quickly execute their processes.

Zap Objects Report Scheduler Product Features (used by our client)

  • Generate a PDF document from a Word Document Template (Case entity) in a workflow.
  • Send the email with the PDF attached.
  • Format emails using Dynamics 365 Email Templates, including the ability to map in related entity data.
  • Configure static or dynamic entity data to be mapped into the email To, From, CC and BCC.
  • Save the PDF document as a Dynamics 365 Note record.
  • Append a timestamp to the PDF file name.

Additional Zap Objects Report Scheduler Product Features 

  • Schedule documents to be received in emails on a regular basis.
  • Save the PDF as a Note record, Save to SharePoint or do both.
  • Generate a PDF from an Excel Template and email it in a workflow.
  • Scheduling Views to be sent as reports to Users in an email inline or as an attachment – even send Users only his/her records.

  • Send reports (Word Document Templates, Excel Templates, and Views) to be received in an email inline, as opposed to an attachment.

  • Send multiple reports in one Email using a workflow.

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