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ClickDimensions Marketing Automation – 11/16/2022

A "Power Moves Philly" Past Webinar Event

The Marketing Automation capabilities of ClickDimensions help organizations in many innovative ways

Marketing Automation Technology isn't just for Marketing Anymore

A Power Moves Philly webinar demo / presentation recorded live on utilizing ClickDimensions’ Marketing Automation technology to improve your organization’s operational efficiency. We presented several real-world scenarios where you can leverage the automation tools that power modern marketing campaigns to other areas of your organization, like sales, customer service, and even everyday administrative tasks related to purchasing, training, or human resources.

In this webinar presentation, SyncraTec's Ian Smith is joined by special guest James Hammond, MarTech Solution Specialist for CickDimensions.

In this November 16th webinar, we will discussed how to extend marketing automation technologies to other areas of your business

Ian and James tag-teamed in this past presentation and brain-storming session on the many ways the marketing automation technology of ClickDimensions can be used to improve the efficiency of operations around your business. Sure, sales and marketing may still lead the way for utilization of these applications, but let’s start from there and see what other scenarios we can think of to leverage these powerful marketing automation tools.

Take Home Bullet Points

What is Marketing Automation?

CickDimensions is the de facto leader in Email Marketing and Marketing Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM). Between the Dynamics 365 Sales module and ClickDimensions for Email Marketing and Marketing Automation, you will have a suite of tools that will accommodate the digital marketing needs of most businesses. below is one of my favorite graphics to help explain all the capabilities ClickDimensions has to offer.

ClickDimensions slide covering all of the Marketing Automation capabilities.

Why is Marketing Automation So Important?

I like the below slide, because it always makes me think about the how sometimes I get emails in my inbox right around the time I’m ready to buy. Whether it’s a new pair of running shoes or a WordPress plugin that would help my website, I get these emails and I think to myself: “Is it just a coincidence?”

Then I realize, our clients are almost expecting us to know that there’s business problems that need solving, and to offer them easily accessible solutions. And the research shows us that it takes an average of ten marketing-driven touches to progress a lead from the top of the funnel to a revenue-generating customer.

Slide explaining the importance of Marketing Automation

Improving Operational Efficiency with Marketing Automation

The topic of this presentation was how we can seek to the improve operational efficiency of various departments using marketing automation technology. From sales and marketing to customer service, and administration; automating communications via emails using triggers such as clicks, page visits, or event attendance can lead to more efficient communications.

Improving Operational Efficiency across Various Departments


Lead Nurturing – as noted, it may take ten or more marketing touches to raise the awareness of a prospect until they may be ready to buy. If you find the ideal prospect, you still have to find a way to let them know you exist. A nurture campaign can read prosective buying signals early in the process, and gradually feed a stream of relevant content that raises awareness of your product-service offerings.

Web Intelligence – as the prospect engages with your digital content, their “Lead Score” will rise with each page visit, web form submittal, or event attended. 

Lead Scoring – an updated Lead Scoring model, allows you to reset the Lead Score if the prospect opts-out of your marketing campaign, or declines a specific offer, or pause activity for a certain amount of time. This help keep leads fresh, so when they reach a certain score, you can be confident they’re still interested.


Campaign Automation – building a Campaign Automation in ClickDimensions is easy. You’ll actually have fun putting the automation pieces in play on a drag-and-drop canvas. Just determine what your trigger(s) will be, such as a web form submittal, a page view, or clicking on a link in an email. You can then drive the automation to send marketing collateral, quick messages including texts, or change the status of a lead to bump the lead score, or notify a salesperson, or create a task to make a special offer. All of this can be driven from a Campaign Automation that can be used on many leads at the same time, all starting from when specific triggers are activated.

Capturing Activities in a Campaign – Marketing Campaigns have been around from the beginning of CRM. The nice thing about ClickDimensions is that it is built directly into your CRM, so it’s completely integrated and uses native CRM functionality, well, natively. For example, referencing all activities in a marketing campaign back to the Campaign entity in CRM allows you to track the leads generated, and determine Return on Investment. 

Customer Service

Surveys – one of tools in the ClickDimensions toolbox is surveys. You can improve Customer Service by simply kicking-off an automation that sends a survey to a client every time a support ticket is closed out.

Reminders – say you track subscriptions in your CRM system, you can easily create a reminder to be sent to a client 60- and 30-days prior to renewal, unless they renew in the meantime. 


Training Events – ClickDimensions integrates with many of the third-party event tools including GoToWebinar, WebEx, Zoom, EventBrite, and Teams. Being able to track event attendees is helpful for training departments to confirm attendance and follow-up. For example, for those who registered but didn’t attend, you could send them a recording of the training event.

Onboarding Campaigns – if training is involved in an onboarding campaign, they can ensure consistent communications, and have a record that new hires or new customers have received certain communications and have in fact opened an email or taken some other traceable action to advance along a designated process.

Human Resources

Recruiting – ClickDimensions includes Social Media capabilities where responses can be tracked in the CRM system. So, it provides a means to not let viable candidate slip through the cracks when you’re communicating with you on their preferred channel. 

Change Management – also, and not least, corporate communications are still a necessary evil. ClickDimensions can provide a way to make sure everyone is in the loop on everything from critical decisions to corporate events, to important time-critical decisions like alerting staff and customers of weather emergencies like snow days!



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