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Windows Azure Backup

Off-site, cloud-based, backup that’s easy-to-configure, reliable and works with your existing Windows backup tools

Windows Azure BackupWindows Azure Backup helps protect server data against loss and corruption by enabling backup to offsite cloud storage in Windows Azure.  It provides a consistent experience for configuring, monitoring, and recovering backups across local disk and cloud storage, integrating with the out-of-the-box backup program in Microsoft Windows Server or System Center Data Protection Manager.

Windows Azure Backup encrypts and protects your backups in offsite cloud storage with Windows Azure, adding a layer of protection in case data loss or disaster impacts your servers.  It can integrate with the backup tools in Windows Server or System Center Data Protection Manager as well as being driven by PowerShell scripting.  You can manage cloud backups from these familiar tools to configure, monitor, and recover backups across local disk and cloud storage with ease.  Windows Azure Backup delivers efficient data protection.  It minimizes network bandwidth use, provides flexible data retention policies, and provides a cost-effective data protection solution that can be geo-replicated with ease.

Data stored in Windows Azure is geo-replicated among Windows Azure data centers, for additional protection.  Your data is encrypted before it leaves your premises, and remains encrypted in Windows Azure – only you have the key. Incremental backups provide multiple versions of data for point-in-time recovery.  Plus, you can recover just what you need with file-level recovery.

Schedule Backups Using the Azure Backup Agent

Creating a backup with Microsoft Azure Backup requires that you have a valid Azure subscription and install the Azure Backup Agent and upload the vault credential. You also must register the server or computer with Microsoft Azure Backup. SyncraTec Solutions can setup and administer the Windows Azure Backup for you for a low quarterly fee that includes the Azure subscription, data storage charges, and support.