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Vade for M365 – 5/17/2023

Advanced Threat Detection & Response for Microsoft 365.

Small Business Cloud Security

Join us Tuesday, 5/17/2023 at 11:30 a.m. EST for a Power Moves Philly webinar presentation on Small Business Cloud Security.

In this live webinar demo, we’ll provide an overview presentation and demonstration Vade for M365

WHY — The scalability, cost savings, and standardization offered by Microsoft 365 have made Microsoft hugely popular with SMBs. Its popularity with cybercriminals, however, is creating enormous challenges. From dynamic phishing emails to advanced ransomware attacks, email-borne threats are the #1 entryway into the Microsoft 365 suite. SMBs need a solution that catches the threats that Microsoft misses.

SOLUTION -– Vade for M365 offers advanced protection against dynamic, email-borne cyberattacks targeting Microsoft 365, including phishing, malware/ransomware, and spear phishing (business email compromise). Vade for M365 offers a native Microsoft Outlook user experience and an added layer of protection over Microsoft’s built-in security layers, catching 10x more advanced email threats than Microsoft.

Email Security with Vade for M365 - 5/17/2023 - Registration

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