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AvePoint Cloud Backup for Dynamics 365 CRM

AvePoint Cloud Backup for Dynamics 365 CRM is the most complete cloud-to-cloud back up solution for Dynamics 365. Similar to the AvePoint Cloud Backup for Office 365, you have unlimited, automatic backups, and secure storage in AvePoint’s Azure storage, or on your own cloud.

Comprehensive Backup

AvePoint is an unlimited backup service for all Dynamics 365 CRM content ensuring your business-critical entities, records, forms and field attributes are protected without losing associated metadata.

  • Near zero configuration
  • Store Backups in AvePoint’s default storage, or your own Microsoft Azure Storage or any destination accessible via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).
  • Protect against cyber attacks and leaks by bringing your own Microsoft Azure Key Vault Encryption Key to meet compliance regulations around sensitive data.

Quick and Efficient Recovery

With AvePoint your can restore your Dynamics 365 CRM entities and records without picking up the phone to schedule restore windows.

  • Restore all content in Dynamics 365  with metadata properties and permissions fully maintained.
  • Recover quickly with time- or object-based restores by locating business-critical entities or records with full-text search capability for rapid discovery.
  • End users can rollback and recover accidental changes directly from the Dynamics 365 CRM interface.

Worry-free Backups

Automatic backups are ran up to four times a day. Backups retain 100% of your data for one year. Unlimited backup subscriptions give you the flexibility you need and the protection that your want.

Encrypted and Secure Data Protection

AvePoint Cloud Backup for Dynamics 365 CRM is hosted on the cloud. It utilizes Microsoft Azure’s Encryption in conjunction with user account security to ensure c0mplience around highly sensitive data.