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Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Evolving from an enterprise software consulting background, Ian’s first project for SyncraTec was to implement a Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon) project accounting software solution for a client doing nationwide regulatory compliance consulting for the financial services industry. This led to the discovery of Microsoft Dynamics CRM version 1.2, soon to be version 3.0, 4.0, 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2016 – before it became the Dynamics 365 (online) version 9.2 we know and love today. Along the way, we rode the wave transitioning from on-premises servers to cloud solutions and software-as-a-service.

Our Dynamics 365 CRM consulting practice has been very steady over the years, and we have provided consulting services to many companies, large and small in various industries. We mainly focus on sales, marketing and customer service, where the marketing part is addressed by the ClickDimensions marketing automation solution, and the customer service part is addressed by the Zap Objects Helpdesk module add-on.

There are many aspects of the Dynamics 365 CRM system where we have excelled and provided specialized expertise to our clients. For one thing, we have migrated numerous clients from Dynamics 365 on-premises systems. In the past year, we have migrated clients from CRM 2011 systems to the cloud. These kinds of projects require in depth knowledge of how the CRM system works, so that we can migrate all the data our clients have tended to and cared for over the years.

Our Dynamics 365 CRM consulting expertise and experience needs more than a few paragraphs to describe. But to summarize, we have expertise in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) and Microsoft Power Platform, in areas such as:

  • Traditional Dynamics 365 Sales implementation including sales opportunity management, activity tracking, and sales reporting.
  • We’re a ClickDimensions Platinum Partner, helping clients implement email marketing, marketing automation, and sales engagement solutions.
  • We’re an initial launch partner for ClickDimensions PowerPack, a new solution designed to address sales and marketing challenges faced by small businesses.
  • We are partnered with Zap Objects to provide several innovative solutions around CRM to help automate business processes and improve employee productivity.

We have developed industry expertise around healthcare insurance case management. We have delivered systems that have provided exceptional value to our clients with customized business processes, workflows, and extension of the CRM system to meet specific business needs.

As our CRM consulting practice developed, we found numerous opportunities to help clients with their computer network needs, from email and business productivity software to document management. A lot of these needs were tied to their CRM systems through various integrations, so of course we wanted to ensure our clients had the right software and systems in place.

Managed IT Sevices

This led to the extension of our service offerings to include IT Services. We now provide managed IT services to dozens of small businesses in Bucks and Montgomery counties. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their potential using technology, by addressing business challenges and providing protection from cyberthreats. We’re passionate about helping our clients thrive and grow.

At the foundation of our managed IT services offering is a commitment to providing a services agreement in plain English, that describes what services we will be providing. We will provide you with an agreement that is built around common industry cybersecurity frameworks and compliance standards like CIS v8, NIST, ISO 27001, and HIPAA. We start each engagement with a cybersecurity assessment that addresses your industry compliance standards. Our agreement, then, will clearly define what services we are providing to address the findings of the assessment, aligned with the appropriate cybersecurity control or compliance standards.

We strive for the highest security standards that make sense for your business. Business owners should be aware that it is not a matter of if their network infrastructure will be attacked but when. Hacking has become a part of our daily lives and we often see it in the news as happening to the other guy. One of these days, somebody somewhere will scan your network for vulnerabilities. In this instance, a helpful analogy is to think of two campers running away from a hungry bear: you don’t have to run fast, you just have to run faster than your buddy. Hackers will go after low-hanging fruit first. If your network is fortified with all the basics, you’re going to necessitate more work on their part, and they may just pass you by. If someone is intent on hacking your business, we have strategies to provide industry standard best practices from securing open ports, to properly configured firewalls, endpoint protection, user cybersecurity awareness training, to having a business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

If worst comes to worst, we want to make sure you have an incident response plan. Incident Response Management is something that you would be aware of because of our commitment to aligning our security practices with industry standards. This enables us to provide visibility on your business security posture and know how far along you are on the security continuum. Such reporting is useful, and typically required, for applying for cyber liability insurance. Cyber insurance is right there on your last line of defense to provide the expertise, assurance, and support a business would need to get through a worst-case scenario and still land on their feet.

With our SyncraTec Secure and our SyncraTec Secure + Compliance Managed IT Services offerings, we take security seriously. We let you know what security you have in place, and how it matches up with industry standards. We check in on a regular basis to see how we can incrementally take your security to the next level. And we do all this while enabling your users to continue to work productively.