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4 Reasons Your B2B Sales and Marketing Strategy is Ineffective

4 reasons your B2B sales and marketing strategy is ineffective.

If your organization is experiencing a lack of sales pipeline, an increase in missed opportunities, and declining conversions in your sales and marketing process, you’re far from alone. Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are noticing that their B2B sales and marketing techniques seem dramatically less effective than they used to be.

Change is inevitable in the world of business, but the COVID-19 pandemic represents a complete transformation in the way businesses operate, including how companies make purchasing decisions.

These changes mean that the processes and systems that most SMBs rely on to conduct B2B sales and marketing are tailored to a framework that no longer exists. To keep up, SMBs need to develop a new approach to sales and marketing, supported by a software solution designed to meet their specific needs. Let’s dive a little deeper into exactly what has changed, and what SMBs need to do to stay competitive.

  • 1. Your Approach is Outdated

    Your B2B Sales and Marketing approach is not adaptive to the changing dynamics of business buying. Plus, traditional B2B sales and marketing processes are misaligned with the buyer's journey. SMB organizations need to rethink the traditional concept of leads to drive success in today's competitive marketplace.

  • 2. The Buying Landscape has Changed

    B2B decision-making no longer rests with a single person. Informal buying groups, consisting of six to ten stakeholders from different departments, now control the purchasing process. This has made the buying journey unpredictable and obtaining positive sales outcomes more difficult than ever.

  • 3. You Aren’t Aligned with the Buyer Journey

    Aligning sales and marketing processes solely around sales activities is common, but it can be a costly mistake. Ignoring the buyer journey leads to a lack of relevance and ineffective engagement and causes organizations to miss opportunities for engagement and fail to optimize their strategies.

  • 4. Targeting “Leads” is Rethinking the Concept of "Lead"

    In the era of buying groups, individual leads no longer accurately represent the decision-making process. Current processes and systems revolving around leads or accounts create confusion and hinder effective lead scoring and management.

Modernize Your Approach with Simple SMB Account-Based Sales and Marketing

Simple Account-Based Sales and Marketing for SMBs  is an approach developed by leading marketing automation and customer engagement company, ClickDimensions.  It is a streamlined approach that helps SMBs optimize their revenue stacks. It combines ClickDimensions’ years of customer relationship management and marketing automation expertise, insights from industry leaders, and a buyer-centric perspective to simplify account-based strategies for businesses of all sizes.

Executing Simple Account-Based Sales and Marketing involves five key actions:

  • Enbracing the Buying Group

    Engage with multiple stakeholders to gain deeper customer understanding and discover new prospects.

  • Organizing the Buying Journey

    Divide the buying journey into stages and tailor your approach to each stage.

  • Rethinking Leads

    Redefine leads as interested contacts in your CRM and focus on nurturing them to create opportunities.

  • Emphasizing multi-contact opportunities

    Identify buying group members early to enable targeted marketing efforts.

  • Unifying sales and marketing

    Involve both teams throughout the buying journey, measure shared metrics, and foster alignment and collaboration.

SMBs encounter particular challenges in adapting to the modern B2B buying journey due to limited resources and technological constraints. The primary obstacles include affordability concerns, the absence of a defined lead-to-revenue process, limited marketing resources, and barriers to technology adoption.

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ClickDimensions PowerPack for SMB B2B Sales and Marketing Success

Developed with the core principles of Simple Account-Based Sales & Marketing, ClickDimensions PowerPack is a new all-in-one CRM, marketing automation, and sales enablement platform . PowerPack offers tailored solutions to address the specific barriers faced by SMBs to revolutionize sales and marketing success. By embracing Simple Account-Based Sales & Marketing principles, PowerPack equips SMBs with the necessary capabilities to enhance their revenue stack, transform their B2B Sales and marketing strategies, and effortlessly navigate the evolving buying process.

PowerPack is a cost-effective solution designed specifically for Microsoft-centric B2B small and medium sized businesses and is easy to install, learn and use.

Don’t get left behind with ineffective, traditional B2B sales and marketing tactics. Download our PowerPack feature sheet here to learn more or  get in touch  to discuss how PowerPack can meet your needs today!

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