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Insider Spotlight on Common Data Service Analytics

Common Data Analytics Main Page

Insider Spotlight on Common Data Service Analytics

The common data services analytics found in the Power Platform Administration area replaces the Organization Insights solution that needed to be installed in older versions of  Dynamics 365. The Organization Insights solution has now been deprecated. Some high level information on this functionality will be outlined below. Microsoft’s detailed write up can be found here.  The below is a screen shot from Microsoft’s documentation on Common Data Service analytics.

Common Data Analytics Key Fcts

Where Can I Find the Usage Analytics?

Proceed to the URL  and login with the credentials for your organization. Below lists the security roles that users need to have to view the reports.

  • Environment Admin – can view reports for the environments that the admin has access to.
  • Power Platform Service admin – can view reports for all environments.
  • Dynamics 365 Service admin – can view reports for all environments.
  • Microsoft 365 Global admin – can view reports for all environments.

Common Data Analytics – Usage Graphs and Charts

When you click on Common Data Service, you will be presented with the below open to the Home tab. There are multiple tabs that contain a myriad of Graphs and Charts.

Common data Analytics Area Default Filters

The filters can be expanded/decreased to look at a broader or narrower set of data.

Common Data Analytics Filters

Please note: It appears at this time that the maximum range for reporting is one month.

Common Data Analytics – Usage Reports

In addition to the graphs and charts available in the Common data Service area, the underlying data can be downloaded. Below is a screen shot of the reports that are available.Common Data Analysis Reports

Highlight on User Statistics Available


If your organization is specifically interested in tracking users and their usage of the system, there are many charts and reports available to help.

First, on the Home tab, you can find the below charts.

User Statitics from Home tab

The Active Users tab also contains additional charts reporting on activity as shown below.Common Data Service analytics - Active User tab

Excel Reports

You can select Download as shown below to list available reports.

These reports show the underlying data for some of the charts in the Common Data Analytics. If there is a filter applied for the charts, the same filter is applied to the downloaded reports. As stated above, the maximum duration for data availability is 30 days.

Common Data Analytics Downloaded Reports

Lets export the Most Active Users by Performing Operations report and take a look. The report is exported as a .csv file.

The usernames are listed in the first column with the number of  creates, updates, deletes and reads.

Common Data Analytics -Downloaded Report


Organization insights has been deprecated and replaced with the Common Data Service Analytics area. There are many useful charts and underlying data reports that can be used to do analysis on the usage of your CRM system.

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