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Populating the CRM Account Name into Outlook’s Company Name

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0, there were a couple of ways to make the Account Name from CRM populate into the Outlook Company Name (,  Let me give you an example of when this would be extremely helpful: you are going to visit an old client that you haven't seen in a while.  All of sudden you're struck with a minor panic attack because you can't remember the name of an important decison-maker.  Now, you open your mobile device (which, of course, is synch'd up to your Outlook), and search for Contact by Company Name.  Voila, there you have all the names of the Contacts at the company you're on your way to visit.

In CRM 4.0, it's really easy to make this happen by flipping a configuration switch in the setting screen.

Here's a blog-to-blog link that will take you to a site where this setting is well-documented:

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