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Creating a Microsoft Dynamics SL Test Environment

Creating a test environment in Dynamics SL is almost as simple as retoring a database backup.

You have to restore your application db and your system db to test equivalents.  If you have multiple application databases in your system db, then you should create test copies of each of the application databases.

Go to the Newly Restored Test System DB, and change the db names in the Company and the Domain tables to be the new test database names.

Go to Microsoft Dynamics SL Database Maintenance, connect, and Update Views for the new System Test Database.  (Before you connect, make sure the path of the configuration file is something like this: D:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\SL\Applications\DB\dbbuild.ini.)

Download a program to drop and re-create the triggers on the Dynamics SL System database (KB Article 942095).

These first four steps are all provided in detail in KB Article ID 847681.

If you can’t run Crystal Reports in your test environment; look into the following fix:

Search for Knowledge Base Article ID 946639 or just search on System Message 7011; “Resolution Number 6” worked for me:

Synchronize the user.
1. Use SQL Server Management Studio to run the following statement against the new, test Microsoft Dynamics SL system database:


2. Select the Synchronize All Ownership and Security update scenario in the Database Maintenance (98.290.00) screen, and then click Begin Processing.

This last fix will also re-create the record in the RPTExtra table, with the correct System DB name.

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