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Small Business Cloud Security – Part II – What’s Your Secure Score? – 8/26/2021

What's Your Secure Score

Learn about Microsoft Secure Score, a quick way to find the priority next steps to take to improve your organization's security posture.

In this live webinar demo, we’ll delve into Microsoft Secure Score, which is a representation of your organization’s security posture, and your opportunity to improve it.

We’ll show you where to check your current Secure Score, and show how to implement the most common improvement actions. If you can’t get to the Secure Score, it could be you don’t have the right role or you may not have the right license.

Register here for the August 26th webinar – What’s Your Secure Score?

You can see how your Secure Score has improved (or regressed) over time; and how your organization compares to others of the same size or in the same industry.

The Microsoft Secure Score is a great tool to quickly analyze your organization’s relative security posture. It provides lots of references and context for each suggested security improvement action, including detailed instructions, and next highest priority for implementation.

It doesn’t mean you have to implement all the security recommendations on day 1, but you will have a much better idea where you stand, and what your next steps should be when check in on your Secure Score on a regular basis.

Event Registration

Register here for Small Business Cloud Security – Part I – What’s Your Secure Score?

Thursday, August 26th at 12 noon.

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