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Equipped-for-a-New-Age-of-SellingBuyers today are better informed and more demanding, using the power of the internet to research solutions before they engage with prospective suppliers. In most cases, buyers initiate first contact and have a basic understanding of the solution they need.

With a majority of the buying process in the hands of prospects, the sales professionals who want to win their business need to take a different approach. The new age of selling demands:

  • Consistent engagement with social tools including social listening capabilities
  • Process automation to keep salespeople focused and adhering to best practices
  • Instant access to information, regardless of time and location

Cloud-based technology from Microsoft enables salespeople to be socially engaged, proactive and ready to deliver great customer experiences.

Socially-Connected, Process-Driven

Your customers are using social networks to learn about you and your products. To stay informed and be ready to respond, your sales professionals need to embrace social media.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online integrates social network data from LinkedIn and Twitter integrated so that it becomes a natural part of the sales process. Delivering the latest market buzz and news along with corporate data, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will keep your team up to date on customer activities.

With well-defined process flows, your organization can apply best practices and give sales people relevant content to support the buying cycle.  Together, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365 deliver an intuitive, process-driven user experience that guides salespeople through the tasks and information they need to stay focused on closing deals.

Answers anywhere

Telling customers “I’ll get back to you on that” doesn’t work anymore. Whether your salespeople are in the next county or on another continent, they need access to answers. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, sales professionals get real-time information on the mobile phone or tablet of their choice through a consistent user interface across devices.

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