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Windows 8 on Your Terms

Windows 8SyncraTec can help you choose the right version of Windows.  Is Windows 8 the wave (or at least the swipe) of the future?  Where’s my Start Button?  You like Windows 7, and would like to stick with it, but you want to buy a new PC / laptop; how do you get back to Windows 7?

We’ll help you cut through the hype, and select the right operating system for your needs.

The issue of “where’s my start button?” is one gotcha on getting used to the new operating system, but once you figure that out, you’ll find much to love going forward, such as:

  • Performance improvements
  • The Lock Screen
  • The Start Screen
  • The Desktop
  • Full Screen Apps
  • The Windows Store
  • Syncing Data with the Cloud

If you’re looking for guidance on how best to take advantage of these new features to boost employee productivity, please contact SyncraTec for a discussion on how we can help.

Windows 7 Upgrades

Here’s a link to one of our best-sellers from year’s past: Windows 7 – Upgrade Considerations