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Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory

What does Azure Active Directory have to offer?

Azure Active Directory fills all your needs when it comes to managing users and front end protection. Active Directory serves as the gateway to your network, keeping track of who accesses it and what they can do. It offers some of Microsoft’s most advanced security features to keep your sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

Get to know Azure Active Directory

Managing your Users

One of the key aspects of Azure AD is managing your users. Active Directory allows you to edit user information including password resets, add users to lager groups, and add new users to your network. Those are just a few of the basic functions that Azure provides. You can also see when and from where a user is logging in from and what files they are accessing/sharing. User access privileges can also be adjusted, so, for example, you want to prevent one of your users from signing in, you can do so. Admins can change user roles as well.


The second element of Active Directory is front end security. With Azure AD, you can check risky sign-ons, which means Active Directory will flag sign-ons it deems “risky” or “unsafe”. For example, a user who signed into Active Directory in Texas will be flagged if they try to sign in from Eastern Europe an hour later; or, if a user reaches a threshold of failed login attempts, that user will be flagged. Configurations like these are intended to warn you of possible cyber attacks on your system. Multi factor authentication can be enable on any user within your system to ensure that every sign-on is secure.

Secure Single Sign-on and Other Features

Some of Azures other features include one-time bypass, which allows a user to gain access to their account with a temporary password incase they forget their credentials. You can see all the devices that are assigned to a certain user. And perhaps Azure Active Directory’s most unique feature is the secure single sign-on capabilities. A user only needs to sign into their Microsoft account once and they are signed into all their other applications automatically.

Azure AD excels in both security and convenience, making it the perfect tool in the modern corporate environment. Its secure single sign-on feature safely logs users onto all their applications from a single sign-on. Security features which include multifactor authentication ensure that every user sign-on is secure. Lastly, Active Directory’s user management is extensive, giving you full control over the users on your network.

Microsoft Secure Score

Azure Active Directory is one way to enhance cybersecurity; for more information on configuring your environment for optimal security contact SyncraTec today for a demo of the Security and Compliance Center, and get your free Microsoft Secure Score.

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