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Seven Reasons Why SyncraTec Recommends the SonicWall TZ 210 Firewall

3/14/2012 update: Dell announces intent to acquire SonicWALL, Inc.

Security and data protection are two facets of our “Starter Server” and “Growth Server” computer network solution offerings where compromise is not an option.  Most of our clients are price-sensitive to a degree, but not so much that they’d be willing to cut corners when it comes to security.

After researching many of the available firewall devices on the market today, we have concluded that the SonicWall TZ 210 comprehensive firewall device offers the most bang for the buck.  It has many of the capabilities that sophisticated small businesses need and is suitable even if e-commerce or locally-published web applications are primary concerns.

  1. Wired and Wireless.  The TZ 210 has both wired and wireless capabilities
  2. Active/Passive Failover.  Active/passive failover in case of hardware or software failure.
  3. VPN.  Can deliver a VPN solution to meet all of the needs of a business of ten users or more and can scale to thousands of end points.  While securing your traffic through the VPN connection it also decontaminates the traffic running over it because it is checked in real-time.
  4. Multiple ports for WAN and LAN networks.  The TZ 210 can easily handle traffic for the LAN, WAN and if needed a DMZ all in one appliance.  It can also deliver a wireless signal using 802.11 N on any subnet needed.  We regularly deploy this device on a network with a Windows Small Business Server delivering DNS to the network while the SonicWall TZ 210 delivers a separate wireless signal on a different subnet for guests on the network. The guests are able to take advantage of a fast wireless Internet access while the business network remains private.  The addresses for the wireless network are given to the client by the DHCP capabilities of the firewall.
  5. Services.  Along with traditional firewall functionality, Sonicwall offers a wide range of security services provided through the TZ 210 such as Anti-Malware, Content Filtering, Intrusion Prevention, Anti-Spam, and Application Intelligence.   The services are available on an annual subscription basis either separately or bundled.
  6. Gigabit Speed.  Did I mention that the SonicWall TZ 210 does all of this using Gigabit connectivity?
  7. Reasonable Price.  The whole package including the first year’s subscription to the bundled services costs under a thousand dollars.

That’s why we believe this device is truly the answer for small business network security.

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