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SalesSpark is Back!

The best sales engagement add-on for Dynamics 365 CRM

Increase the productivity of your outbound sales team by automating sequences. 100% native integrated application complements your existing Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise environment.

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easily build sales engagement sequences

Build Sequences Easily

New sequences can be created quickly and easily. By scratch or cloned from existing sequences. Templates save time and ensure the team stays on script. Use logic parameters to personalize messages. Schedule when messages are sent, and the wait times between steps.

sales engagement with native outlook integration

Send email from Outlook

Connects directly to your Outlook account

Sellers will see emails being sent from Outlook. This provides greater visibility on activity.

Higher Send Rates

Because TekStack uses Graph API to integrate to Outlook, the sequencing email looks identical to one that is sent directly from Outlook. This improves send rates considerably.

view buyer engagement

View Buyer Engagement

Track all the key metrics

See key engagement metrics for each of your Sequences including Sent, Opens, Clicks, Replies, Bounces.

Track your most engaged buyers

See which contacts are most engaged with your messages and if they are clicking links, or forwarding emails to colleagues.

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