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Quick Send in Dynamics SL 7.0 Feature Pack 1

Quick Send (formerly Electonic Document Delivery) in Microsoft Dynamics SL 7.0 Feature Pack 1 was found to have a bug.  This was confirmed by Microsoft support today.

"Tested in a demo database and appear to be getting the same problem.  I get an attachment (ATT84468 or some such number) but the attachment cannot be saved and cannot be opened.

I reported this as defect 18988.  I was not able to come up with a workaround.  I tried rich text, adobe and Word formats, tried stopping the app server, printing the invoices, then starting the app server, and also tried adding an additional receiver, thinking the additional receiver might get a correct attachment.  None of those ideas worked."

We'll be waiting for this fix.  In the meantime, will implement sending of Customer Statements via e-mail to save some postage and handling dollars there.

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  1. Did you ever get a fix on this from SL


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