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Microsoft 365 Email Security Power Moves Webinar Demo | 9/30/2020

Immediately Improve Email Security with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Business Premium Security & Productivity Webinar Series

Presented by SyncraTec Solutions, LLC

Your down-to-earth Philadelphia area Cloud Solution Provider

This session will present a number of quick-hit topics showing how small businesses can immediately improve email security with Microsoft 365 Business Premium to combat cyber threats.

Microsoft 365 Email Security

Envision that your everyday email inbox is like the front door of your business for cyber criminals. They can go through all the trouble of prying open windows and deactivating alarm systems; or they can stroll on through the front door if you or your employees let them in.

It could happen via malicious links, malware disguised as an email attachment, an instruction by a company executive, or an offer that’s too good to be true. Clicking on a link to unleash ransomeware on your network or getting caught up in sophisticated impersonation schemes that yields company security credentials isn’t all that uncommon.

Find out how you can protect your business by putting systems in place that will cover all the bases. And you’ll be happy to know that you can improve your security while also maintaining operational efficiency with the high level of productivity, communication, and collaboration that you would expect from the Microsoft Office suite of applications.

Get started by attending this 45-minute presentation and demo on the top email security threats for small businesses, and how you can quickly up your security profile.

If you can’t wait for September 30th, we are offering complimentary consulting services to local Philadelphia area small businesses to assess your current email security profile including a customized plan to quickly get started with important email security safeguards.

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