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If you’re thinking of having all of your customer data at the center of your Digital Strategy; then you’re really talking about Data Integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM…

BTWS - Business Technology Webinar SeriesView the Get to Know Data Integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM recorded session.  (The Philadelphia CRM User Group met Wednesday, June 29th, and this session was recorded a day later on June 30th.)

Download the Get to Know Data Integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM presentation deck.

Featuring Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Spring 2016 Wave, Microsoft SQL Server, eOne Solutions SmartConnect, Scribe Insight, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), KingswaySoft, CozyRoc SSIS+, and Scribe Online Replication Services.  This webinar includes demos of the following scenarios:

  • eOne Solutions SmartConnect migration of Accounts from Adventure Works SQL database
  • A two-part typical data migration / upload-to-CRM sequence:
    • Upload Leads marketing list from Excel spreadsheet to SQL Server
    • Migrate same from SQL table to CRM Online using SSIS with KingswaySoft and CozyRoc SSIS+ components
  • Migrate Leads from one CRM Online System to another using Fetch XML as a data source; further running similar SSIS job to run a workflow on those same records to add Leads to a Marketing List
  • Setup and demonstrated a near real-time integration moving any changed Account data from one CRM system to another with Scribe Publisher and MSMQ message queue technology.
  • Replicated an entire CRM Online database to an Azure Database in the cloud; for the purpose of archiving CRM data and also for utilizing database as data warehouse for analytics data source (e.g. Power BI).

Please let me know if you have any questions; you can post discussion items below.

Enjoy and thanks for watching!