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In this recorded session, we discussed and demonstrated how easy it is to configure CRM Online to deliver a great customer service experience. There’s two add-ons to help you automate customer service case management: (1) IOTAP’s Email-to-Case; and (2) a Customer Self-Service Portal by Adxstudio. Either solution enables customers to automatically create cases in your CRM system, which enables your customer support reps manage the cases more easily.

BTWS - Business Technology Webinar SeriesView the Get to Know Customer Service for CRM Online webinar recording.

SyncraTec Solutions and Computer Solutions East have teamed up to bring you a five-part “Get to Know CRM Online” webinar series featuring presentations, demos, and Q&A sessions designed to help you learn what’s new with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online that will change the way you think about CRM.

The fourth session of our five-part “Get to Know CRM Online” webinar series is entitled “Get to Know Customer Service for CRM Online”

In this session, recorded live on July 22, 2016, we introduced, discussed, and demonstrated Email-to-Case and Customer Portal (Customer Self-Service) functionality for automation the case management process.  We also took a look at several of the features included in the CRM Online Spring 2016 Wave.

Customer Service Case Management is available for small and medium businesses with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  It’s easy to implement and you’ll be able to deliver great customer experiences.  Our webinar demo will touch on the following topics.

  • Automatically creating customer service cases from incoming emails.  Customers will be directly to send their support emails to a particular email address — which will be a “queue” in CRM.  If a support emails comes directly to a user; then the user can forward the email to the appropriate queue.
  • The automatic processing of the mail will generate a case in CRM, and immediate acknowledgement back to the customer to let them know the case is being handled.  There’s also a Case No. included in the email, with a note to reply back to that email with any additional information pertinent to the case.  An internal email notifies support staff that there’s a new case.
  • Any attachments are captured in the CRM case record; as well as the original and any subsequent follow-up emails.  We’ll follow this process through to the completion of the case.
  • In another scenario, we’ll demo a Customer Portal to enable customers to log in and view, update, or create their own cases in the system.  We’ll be using the Adxstudio Portals capabilities of the CRM system, where all of the data and configuration work will reside in the CRM system.
  • Lastly, we’ll review some of the new features that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has introduced in recent versions including the Interactive Service Hub and Service Level Agreements.

We hope you can join us for this lively webinar demo on Friday, July 22 at 1:00 p.m.

View the Get to Know Customer Service for CRM Online webinar recording.