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Microsoft 365 Business – Helps You Take Your Business Even Further

Microsoft 365 Business brings together the best in class productivity of Office 365 , sophisticated security and device management tools.

Increase Productivity

Microsoft 365 Business has intelligent tools built into  the office along with enterprise grade email, file storage, and a hub for teamwork.  There are new features like intelligent recommendation tools in Microsoft 365 Business. Designer for PowerPoint will automatically recommend slide designs based off your slides. Designer makes your slides look professional with out any wasted time or effort. Microsoft 365 Business gives you 50 GB if storage for mail and 1TB of file storage that can be accessed from anywhere. Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork within Microsoft 365 Business that brings together the team’s chat, meeting and files.

Grow Your Business

Outlook Customer Manager can track interactions and help build stronger customer relationships. Microsoft Bookings helps simplify booking appointments with their web based scheduling, so customers can self schedule appointments with you. Planner helps your team organize tasks, create new project plans and stay updated with the progress.

Microsoft 365 Business Takes a Layered Approach to Security

Protection from Threats

You are protected against threats hidden in email attachments and links with Microsoft Business 365. Microsoft Business 365 also defends against security threats, ransomware and other advanced malware attempts.

Protection from Data Leaks

Microsoft Business 365 prevents sensitive information like social security numbers or customer credit card numbers from being leaked. You can set restrictions on who has access to company information with tools that prevent forwarding and encryption. To keep your information secure and within your own network lost or stolen business data can be wiped remotely.