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Mobile Sales Update Reports

Sales Updates and Reminders for your Mobile Sales Users Delivered Daily via Email

Mobile Sales Update Reports

Mobile Sales Users can receive an up-to-date listing of their own follow-up calls and scheduled appointments in their Inbox every morning — directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Sample Reports a Mobile Sales User may want to subscribe to:

  • Newly-Assigned Leads
  • Follow-up Calls to be made today or tomorrow
  • Upcoming Appointments within the next week
  • Overdue Follow-Up Phone Calls
  • Open Appointments from last few days requiring call notes
  • Pending Sales Opportunities with Expected Close Date in next two weeks
  • Open Customer Service Cases for Key Customers

These types of data views are readily accessible in CRM; but there will be times when even your top sales people don’t have mobile access to CRM.  Get the info they need into their email inbox every morning, and there’s less chance for missed opportunities.

Each View is Relevant to the Individual CRM User

The objective is to get the follow-up phone calls and upcoming appointments of a particular user into that specific user’s hands when they need it.  All of the views are going to typically be related to that user, or possibly a team of users, as connoted through the ownership of the record (i.e., Account, Contact, Lead, or Opportunity).

Your users will receive one email, every day, with all the info they need to do their job.

It sounds simple, because it is.  It is also very effective.  It cuts out any discussion of not having access to the system.  Most users will want to get into the system on a regular basis to review and update their leads, calls, appointments, and opportunities.  But when they don’t have access directly, they’ll at least have a boat-load of valuable sales info to guide them through their day.

Simple Setup and Configuration

The system can be setup in minutes; and then its just a matter of creating personal views in the CRM system for each user that needs the mobile sales update reports, and giving the views the key naming convention that enables them to be e-mailed out on a daily basis.  Please see the attached data sheet for more info.


The mobile sales update reports are available on an annual subscription basis at $150 per user.

Volume discounts are available as follows:

  • 50 or more users — $135 / user
  • 100 or more users — $120 / user
  • 200 or more users — $100 / user