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Melissa Data Express Entry

Address Auto-Completion

Reduce Keystrokes by 50% with Real-Time Verification

Melissa Data Address Express EntryEntering address information on Web Forms can be a data quality nightmare.  The chances of your prospects or customers entering their address information in a consistent way are Slim and none; and Slim just took the last train out of town.

With the help of Express Entry Address Auto-completion from Melissa Data, you can be confident that address information is going to be a lot cleaner as it enters your system.

Web site visitors inclined to fill out your Web Forms will just have to start entering their street address, and the rest of the address including city, state, and zip will be continually narrowed-down until only the one verified address remains.  Usually this happens within the first several keystrokes, meaning the address not only is more accurate but the visitors can enter it more quickly.

Try it, using the demo contact form below.

SyncraTec can assist in programming the Melissa Data Web Service for Express Entry, Address Auto-completion into your web forms. The above example is using a ClickDimensions Web Form.