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Cloud-Based BackupsKeep your data safe in the cloud, but don’t take risks doing it…

Data security should be of concern to all small- and medium-sized businesses — but it doesn’t have to be a concern that weighs you down. Your level of concern may be dependent upon the degree to which you’ve experienced the paralyzing fear of potentially lost customer data, design work, financial information, photos, or documents.

That’s why we’ve partnered with iDrive Online Backup to bring you SyncUp Online Backup, an internationally-recognized brand administered locally by your Managed I.T. Services provider, SyncraTec Solutions.

If you’ve ever lost data and found yourself relying on a store-bought USB hard drive to restore your business data after a hard-drive failure; then you know the level of concern that comes with not quite knowing — with any degree of certainty — that your backups are capable of performing that critical restore process. You hit the button and hope that it’s all going to come back.

We’re in the business of securing and backing up your data reliably, so you won’t have that nagging fear of whether everything’s being backed-up correctly, that somebody may have forgotten to take the backup off-site, or that a backup failure the night before leaves you high-and-dry.

Your data will be secure. it will be encrypted locally, in transit, and at the data center.  And it will be there when you need it.