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Microsoft Intune

What is Intune?

Intune enables the link between a user’s private device and company applications. In the world of BYOD (bring your own device), Intune fits into the modern workplace seamlessly. This allows employees to access company emails, documents, and servers from any device; anywhere through the cloud. Intune makes integrating your company with the Cloud easy; making device provisioning and management simple.

Device Management

Easily manage all your devices on Microsoft Intune. This allows you to have a list of all the private devices that have access to your network. With this, corporate data can be added or wiped from a selected device. In the instance that an employee leaves or is terminated, Intune makes sure that you can wipe all corporate data from that employee’s private devices. Furthermore, Intune makes sure that any device with access to your network is compliant with all company security standards.

Application Management

With Microsoft Intune, you have full control of what apps your users can and cannot access. Any Microsoft app can be assigned to any one of your users. Similarly, the admin can revoke a user’s access to an application if necessary. Should an employee leave or be terminated, Intune has the capabilities to wipe all Microsoft apps associated with your business off of their personal devices. User sign-on privileges can be adjusted as necessary.

Intune integrates seamlessly with other Mircosoft products such as Azure Active Directory to easily manage user devices and applications. Intune is a convenient solution for the growing trend of bring-your-own-device. It is a perfect fit for the modern workplace, putting convenience and control at the forefront.

Microsoft Secure Score

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