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Azure Information Protection

What Does Azure Information Protection Do?

Azure Information Protection ensures that your companies shared data is secure. AIP provides many features that will keep sensitive information from going where it was not intended. Custom policies can be set to make sure you are notified when files are being shared in or outside of the company.

Get to Know Azure Information Protection (AIP)

Main Features

This product’s main focus is security. For instance, emails that contain private information can be adjusted so only certain users can view them. Additional features can prevent an email from being forwarded, edited, copied, or viewed all together. Conditional access settings allow only selected users to view documents or emails. Files and emails may be encrypted to ensure that no data leakage ensues. Other settings allow users to view which people are accessing documents and when. These settings are easy and simple to enable; making sure only the right people have access to important information.

Data Loss Prevention Policies

Perhaps Information Protection’s greatest feature is the Data Loss Prevention center, which allows the user to create custom security policies or choose from one of Microsoft’s many preset templates. There is a vast collection of preset templates to choose from, ranging from templates geared towards protecting financial information to personal health information. Custom policies can be tailored towards your company’s security needs. These policies will scan documents and warn you if there is any sensitive information present. From there, configurations can be set to either prevent sensitive documents from being shared or send the admin a notification if this file is share inside of outside of the network.

Azure Information Protection and Data Loss Prevention is on the forefront of network security. Custom policies can be set to scan documents for sensitive information and notify you if this file is being accessed or shared. Other features of AIP include setting access privileges on documents to make sure only authorized users can view or edit sensitive documents. Emails and attachments can be encrypted to make sure that sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands.

Microsoft Secure Score

Azure Information is one way to enhance cybersecurity; for more information on configuring your environment for optimal security contact SyncraTec today for a demo of the Security and Compliance Center, and get your free Microsoft Secure Score.