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Advanced Threat Analytics

EMS and Advanced Threat Analytics

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) offers users a wide range of tools and features to improve data security and device mobility for companies integrated with the cloud. The EMS suite includes Microsoft applications that address many of the challenges that modern companies face today, including security concerns and mobile device connectivity. One of the products that Microsoft offers as part of this EMS Suite is Microsoft Advance Threat Analytics.

What Advance Threat Analytics can do for You

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) alerts users of any suspicious activities within their network. ATA utilizes machine learning to detect and alert users of potential malicious attacks, abnormal behavior, or potential risks. Users will be notified if any questionable activities like anomalous logins, password sharing, privilege escalation, and modifications to sensitive groups or policies occur. ATA can also alert users of security risks and issues like weak or broken protocols and suggest easy fixes to remedy the situation.

Machine Learning in Action

There are three phases of a cyber attack that Advanced Threat Analytics specializes in detecting: Reconnaissance, Lateral Movement, and Domain Dominance. Each of these represents a different phase in a potential cyber attack. Reconnaissance is the phase in which the attacker gathers information on your environment and assets. Lateral Movement is the phase in which the attacker infiltrates your system and moves freely within your network. Domain Dominance is the phase in which the attacker steals or encrypts your information. ATA detects these malicious attacks by actively reviewing and updating a list of known attacks types. Furthermore, Advanced Threat Analytics can identify a malicious file before it is too late and you have already opened it. When you attempt to open the file, a text file will open instead warning you that the file you tried to open is not safe. The Enterprise Mobility + Security suite promises high quality data security with the best user experience to offer.

Microsoft Secure Score

Advance Threat Analytics is one way to enhance cybersecurity; for more information on configuring your environment for optimal security contact SyncraTec today for a demo of the Security and Compliance Center, and get your free Microsoft Secure Score.