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I have a laptop that I use to access my home company’s network and Exchange Server and I also use same laptop to connect to my business clients’ network and Exchange Server.  So I can have the full Outlook client functionality from either my home corporate network or a client’s corporate network.

This is a good article that describes how to do this:  But, I can’t seem to find “mail” on Windows Vista 64-bit.

Credit to this posting to show how to do this on Windows Vista 64-bit.  (The old “View 32-bit Control Panel” icon; who knew?)

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  1. You must be running the x64 version. To get to the Mail applet so that you
    can create a new mail profile or ask Outlook to prompt you for a profile,
    open Control Panel and choose Additional Options, then View x86 Control Panel
    Icons . Alternatively, switch to the Classic view of the Control Panel and
    run the View x86 Control Panel Icons applet.

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