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How to Generate CRM Metadata Documentation

How to Generate CRM Metadata Documentation

Looking for a way to document the picklist values and custom fields in your CRM system? Wondering how long a text field is or what kind of data type that number field is? Not sure about the values CRM is storing in the database for Option Sets? The Xrm Toolbox helps you generate CRM Metadata that documents every entity and attribute in your system. Many old school SQL database folks would call this a Data Dictionary. It’s easy to access this data on an entity-by-entity, or attribute-by-attribute basis, but how can you output it for the whole system?

Search for and download CRM 2013 Xrm Toolbox v1.2014.5.28 or later, from CodePlex.

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I would recommend downloading the software to a “downloaded-software” folder with the folder name of CRM-2013-Xrm-Toolbox-v1.2014.5.28

Unzip the file.

You can then run the program by access this file, and running the executable.

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Enter connection information and click Get Orgs.

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Click on Retrieve Entities

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Select the entities you’re interested in, select an output folder path and filename, and click “Generate document.”



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