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Dynamics SL Project Communicator Messages I

We'll have a look at the power of Dynamics SL 7.0 Communicator Messages.

One of the first things I noticed was that the Communicator Web Part shows the oldest messages first.  To show the most recent messages first you have to reverse the sort sequence behind the scenses on a storedprocedure in the SQL database.

Here's how it looks before sorting:

Communicator Web Part Screenshot before re-sorting

The communicator web part is based on the cocmd00.asp page.  This page makes a call to the pjcommun_spk3w_co stored procedure to list out the messages.  This stored procedure is sorting the records by status and date.  To reverse the order, we ust add the "desc" keyword at the very end of the stored proc.  To do this, first make sure to have a good database backup.  Then run the following:
alter procedure pjcommun_spk3w_Co @parm1 varchar (50), @parm2 varchar (50)
select PJCOMMUN.*, PJEMPLOY.emp_name as send_desc  from PJCOMMUN LEFT OUTER
on  PJCOMMUN.sender = PJEMPLOY.employee 
where  PJCOMMUN.destination = @parm1 or  (PJCOMMUN.destination = @parm2 and
destination_type = 'U')
order by
PJCOMMUN.crtd_datetime desc

Here's how it looks after sorting.  Now the most recent messages are on top so that they will be more readily read.

Communicator Web Part Screenshot after re-sorting

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